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Pre Conference Lobby

You are invited to join us 15 minutes before our 1st General Session in our virtual conference lobby! Grab your coffee, and catch up with your EOND family.


General Session 1 | with Keynote Guest Rob Ketterling

BE ONE TO MAKE ONE In Luke 5 Jesus issued His most significant initial invitation when Peter, James and John were invited to fish for people. Their response to was to pull their boats up onto the shore, leave everything and to follow Him. Each of us has received this invitation to be disciple makers just like Jesus’ first three disciples. We understand the importance of making disciples but may we never lose sight of the fact that each of us must be one, before we can make one. Rob Ketterling will challenge us as busy, faithful pastors and leaders, in our personal walk as followers of Jesus. 

Rob Ketterling Headshot.jpeg


Breakout Session

Leading Together | Andy Moore & Lukas Bonnet

Millennials need clarity, Gen X’ers need space, Gen Z’s needs coaching, Boomers don’t delegate… and the list goes on and on. Is what culture is saying about the generational divide in leadership true? Are we really that far from each other? Or are we only just a few steps from being able to passionately work together to make Jesus known in our world? 

In this session you’ll learn some key practices that will help you become a better leader, follower, and team player. The goal is not to focus on our differences, but to find ways to stop operating in silos and start gaining momentum in a cohesive mission. 

BO Lead - Lukas Bonnett photo.jpg
BO Lead - Andy Moore photo.jpg

Leading Yourself | Kevin Shepherd

We understand that the very nature of leading is time consuming and busy.  So much time and energy is spent on leading those around us, yet many leaders feel overwhelmed because they are not leading themselves well.  In this break-out we want to discuss how you as a leader can prioritize your life and responsibilities to help you create some margin.  Margin can be an absolute game-changer when you have some, but can also cause a leader to self-destruct when it’s not present.  What tends to happen as leaders is that often the urgent issues override the important ones.  Therefore, we want to help you be able to decide what’s important, and then schedule these “important” things on your calendar to avoid the sabotage that often comes with the urgent matters.  Let’s learn and grow together as we strive to leader ourselves better! 

BO Lead - Kevin Shepherd Picture.jpg

Emotional Health | Grant Mullen

Your emotional health affects every part of your life and has a big impact on the people you lead. How are you caring for it? In this break out you’ll learn the three components of your emotional health and how to grow in each area. 

BO Lead - Grant Mullen - Picture.jpg

Spiritual Health | Peter Cusick

Can you imagine what your spiritual journey would look like, if you were not pastoring or leading a church or ministry?  What drives your spiritual engine? 

Is it a call to ministry?  Is it a goal centred, intentionality to be the best leader you can be? Where does your own spiritual well-being, your own spiritual health fit into the picture? Let’s investigate these important questions! 



Lunch Break




Screen Shot 2021-02-04 at 5.31.55 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-02-04 at 5.31.55 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-02-04 at 5.31.55 PM.png


General Session 2 | with Keynote Guest Rob Ketterling

WHAT DOES A LEADER WORTH FOLLOWING LOOK LIKE? This is where we get real and practical about authentic leadership. Do we ask ourselves the tough questions? Would we follow the person we are putting forward? Would I follow me? Disciples making Disciples, return to the FOLLOW that changed your life, JESUS  

Rob Ketterling Headshot.jpeg


Post Conference Lobby

You are invited to join us 15 minutes following our 2nd General Session in our virtual conference lobby! Grab your coffee, and catch up with your EOND family.

Business Session | with your District Leadership

Conference Business provides opportunity for our District Family to make decisions that help chart the course for the future. We have adopted an expedited online format that will take just 90 minutes to accomplish the important business matters that are before us.

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